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A New Year!

Published by in New beginnings · 1 January 2018
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It's a new year, as it is every where else.  Our family still has one more celebration and then we start with our January birthdays.  
We had a loss on Christmas Eve.  We lost one of our fur family, Kili, one of our ferrets--the oldest one.  It was a difficult day.  
We are looking forward to the New Year.  Not so much resolutions, as, once again, new beginnings.  New products. New patterns.  
It's tax season so there is not much creative activity as getting ready for taxes for both here and one of the other employment jobs that I have, but my creative mind is always going.  Always writing things and writing things down. Hands are always busy.
We will be heading up to Frankenmuth Woolen Mills soon for a fiber order of CVM and Merino wools, alpaca and alpaca/angora blends.
We wish everyone who visits here happiness and happyness for the new year.  Remember to check out our Etsy shop. I'm still working on all the inventory for the Etsy shop and watch for our beautiful wools when they arrive.
Happiness and blessings--Deborah

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We are always adding designs, new soap flavors, new fibers, new finished products, new patterns, and new bags from our repurposed feed bags.
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