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A New Season

Published in Everyday Stuff · 22 June 2018
Summer has begun.  It is in the 60's here in the Upper Midwest.  The weather has been a little scary.  I have always put my garden in on Memorial Day weekend.  I typically have to deal with working around rain, but not 95 degree weather.  It was a challenge, to say the least.  I even take extra days off to get the garden in and didn't make it this year.  It was the first weekend of June before I finally won it.  

The same day, we got a new rabbit.  One of our checkered giants kindled.

Two weeks later, we have added another fur family member, Cooper.  Cooper is a rat terrier and in typical terrier form has dug a hole deep into my heart.  Rats are an American concoction that some have come to know as the Teddy Roosevelt dogs.  Several different terriers plus a whippet and later a beagle are the basis for that concoction.  Rats can be a challenging dog.  They need to excercise and will play endlessly.  Cooper aka COOPERMAN! is truly a member of our furry family of 2 ferrets:  Fili and Nori, 4 cats:  Freckles, Pete, Zane and Tawney.  They are all a part of a pack.

Cooper, with his smooth coat and whippet background is going to be another member of the family to spin, knit and felt projects for.  Our winters can be brutal and wet.  Very wet, so Cooper will have at least one coat and probably boots.

We all hope that you have a grand summer.  Check in on us when it's raining, or in the South, when it's just too hot.  The rest of the time; enjoy outdoors from your family to yours.

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